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Benefits of Repair

Hernia repair surgery has improved dramatically in the last few years

Hernia Repair Surgery

There are several surgical techniques for hernia repair.

Inguinal Hernia Products

If you have an inguinal hernia, you are not alone. Inguinal hernias are the most common type of hernia in adults. Your surgeon can choose from many innovative mesh products to repair your hernia. This section features some of Ethicon’s mesh products that are designed to repair inguinal hernias.


ULTRAPRO® Partially Absorbable Lightweight Mesh

Versatile. Flexible.

ULTRAPRO Mesh was the first partially absorbable mesh available in the US. In an evolution toward more lightweight and absorbable materials, ULTRAPRO Mesh leads the way.

  • Designed for increased patient comfort and flexibility1-4




ULTRAPRO® Hernia System (UHS)

Proven performance.

ULTRAPRO Hernia System is a partially absorbable, three-dimensional lightweight mesh that is considered the next generation in mesh hernia systems.

  • Designed for increased patient comfort and flexibility1-4




Secure. Familiar.

The ULTRAPRO Plug is the first and only lightweight partially absorbable inguinal hernia plug.

  • Designed for increased patient comfort and flexibility1-3
  • Lightweight and secure5




PROLENE® Polypropylene Hernia System (PHS)

The PROLENE Hernia System has a revolutionary 3-in-1 design that is a proven, effective repair of inguinal hernias.6

  • Three points of protection: onlay patch, connector, and underlay patch5
  • Lower incidence of chronic pain than in other reported inguinal hernia studies6



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