A hernia that appears at the site of a previous surgery is known as a ventral or incisional hernia. These hernias can appear weeks, months, or even years after surgery and can vary in size from small to very large and complex. If you think you have a ventral hernia, it's important to see your doctor because it may become extremely difficult to repair. Ethicon creates many innovative mesh products that your surgeon can choose from to repair your ventral hernia.

PROCEED® Surgical Mesh

Heal more naturally. Heal strongly.

PROCEED Mesh is a multi-layered, tissue-separating mesh for tension-free and laparoscopic ventral hernia repair.

  • Designed for patient comfort8 
  • Low recurrence rates9,10
Proceed Mesh

ULTRAPRO® Hernia System (UHS)

Proven performance.

ULTRAPRO Hernia System is a partially absorbable, three-dimensional lightweight mesh that is considered the next generation in mesh hernia systems.

  • Designed for increased patient comfort and flexibility1-4
Ultra Pro Mesh

ULTRAPRO® Partially Absorbable Lightweight Mesh

Versatile. Flexible.

ULTRAPRO Mesh was the first partially absorbable mesh available in the US. In an evolution toward more lightweight and absorbable materials, ULTRAPRO Mesh leads the way.

  • Designed for increased patient comfort and flexibility2,11
Flex Hd

FlexHD® STRUCTURAL Acellular Hydrated Dermis+

Tissue that supports natural healing.12

Through an alliance with Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation (MTF), Ethicon is proud to bring you FlexHD® STRUCTURAL Acellular Hydrated Dermis. This acellular dermal matrix is derived from donated human tissue. This kind of tissue graft is often used in complicated ventral hernia repairs.

  • Natural like native tissue
  • A natural breakthrough for surgeons and patients
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