Typical Patient Senarios

Hernias can affect all kinds of people, and everyone's story is a little different. Even so, There are many common factors that may be familiar to individuals who experience a hernia. These senarios explain what might happen in the case of of a typical hernia patient, based on situations that common occur.


Scenarios not based on real-life patient events, but on situations that may occur.

Meet Bob: He had an inguinal hernia

It felt like he had pulled a muscle.

Bob was in his mid-forties, and his job kept him busy but indoors. That’s why he liked to get outdoors on weekends to camp and fish. When he felt a pain while fishing one day, Bob’s first thought was that he might have pulled a muscle. It started as a sharp pain on the left side of his groin, and became a dull ache when he was resting. It hurt more if he coughed or tried to lift something.

Other Patient Senarios

He could feel a small lump in his groin. In time it became clear that the pain was being caused by something worse than a pulled muscle. Bob decided that he had better see a doctor, in case something was seriously wrong.

The doctor diagnosed an inguinal hernia.

After examining Bob, the doctor confirmed that his pain was caused by an inguinal hernia. Bob was then scheduled to have his hernia repair operation within 4 weeks.

The procedure took place in the early morning, and Bob went home the same day. Surgical techniques for repairing hernias have come a long way in the last decade, and advanced hernia repair tools make the procedure easier on the patient than ever. Bob had to rest, but felt a lot better than he had imagined. He’d been expecting a more difficult process.

Recovery was easier than he expected.

The night after surgery, Bob found that lying flat in his bed was uncomfortable. To take pressure off of his incision, he spent the night sleeping in his easy chair.

Other than that, Bob was pleasantly surprised to find recovery a lot easier than he had expected it would be. The next day, for example, he worked from home via phone and even took a walk around the block. Four days later, he was back at work. Ten days later, the doctor removed Bob’s surgical staples.

Bob credits his speedy recovery to his surgeon and the mesh product he chose to repair the hernia, the ULTRAPRO* Hernia System.

Risks and Complications

All surgical procedures are associated with some risk. Talk to your surgeon prior to surgery about possible risks and complications.