Typical Patient Senarios

Hernias can affect all kinds of people, and everyone's story is a little different. Even so, There are many common factors that may be familiar to individuals who experience a hernia. These senarios explain what might happen in the case of of a typical hernia patient, based on situations that common occur.


Scenarios not based on real-life patient events, but on situations that may occur.

Meet Ramon: He had an umbilical hernia

He felt a small bump right above his navel.

Ramon was an office manager in his mid-fifties, and spent most of his working days either driving or sitting down at a desk. In his free time, he enjoyed playing tennis or working out at the gym. When he felt a small bump just above his navel one day, he felt worried but hoped it would feel better in time.

Other Patient Senarios

After a few days, however, it began to hurt when he stood up or bent down, especially if he tried to lift something heavy. When he had to ask a coworker to change the paper in the photocopier because of his discomfort, Ramon realized that the problem would not fix itself. He had to see a doctor.

The surgery was easier than he had expected.

Ramon’s surgery was easier than he had expected, and required only one small incision in his navel. The operation took place in the late afternoon, and by the following morning he was back home and on his feet, slowly getting back into the swing of things. His wife brought him a pair of track pants with a drawstring waistband to take the pressure off of his abdomen, and helped him up the stairs when they got back to their house.

Ramon took a few days off from work, but by the end of the weekend he was feeling much better. He realized that fixing his hernia was less difficult than living with it, and once he recovered, he was back to his old self, tennis and all.

Risks and Complications

All surgical procedures are associated with some risk. Talk to your surgeon prior to surgery about possible risks and complications.